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Greek Yoga holiday price list

SPECIAL OFFERS (Subject to conditions)

May 26th - May 28th 1 week was Ft203000, now Ft170000 Offer for Vassiliki Only
June 23rd - June 25th 1 week was Ft236000, now Ft195000 Offer for Vassiliki Only
June 30th 1 week was Ft268000, now Ft225000 Offer for Vassiliki Only

Healthy Options offers a diverse holiday with Yoga, Pilates and fitness classes and a number of extra activities.

Holiday starting date 7 nightsexcluding flights 14 nightsexcluding flights Single room supplement Flight price Indication (EUR)
203000 170000 316000 57000
207000 322000 58000 418 See airports
215000 334000 62000
223000 342000 66000
236000 195000 352000 70000 418 See airports
268000 225000 370000 75000
281000 395000 78000 509 See airports
288000 395000 81000 418 See airports
288000 395000 81000 381 See airports
288000 395000 81000 353 See airports
288000 395000 81000 363 See airports
288000 380000 81000 353 See airports
268000 342000 81000 372 See airports
243000 316000 68000 372 See airports
227000 309000 63000 372 See airports
215000 297000 58000 393 See airports
207000 288000 53000 347 See airports
197000 281000 50000 393 See airports
189000 n/a n/a
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Our tranquil Healthy Options centre in Syvota offers a slightly more comfortable accommodation and a more restful Yoga, Pilates and fitness holiday experience.

Holiday starting date 7 nightsexcluding flights 14 nightsexcluding flights Single room supplement Flight price Indication (EUR)
276000 387000 62000
245000 400000 62000 418 See airports
258000 416000 62000
279000 428000 88000
286000 n/a 88000 418 See airports
n/a n/a n/a
n/a n/a n/a 509 See airports
n/a n/a n/a 418 See airports
n/a n/a n/a 381 See airports
n/a n/a n/a 353 See airports
n/a n/a n/a 363 See airports
n/a n/a n/a 353 See airports
n/a n/a n/a 372 See airports
n/a n/a n/a 372 See airports
297000 431000 88000 372 See airports
286000 388000 62000 393 See airports
255000 377000 62000 347 See airports
240000 357000 62000 393 See airports
220000 n/a 62000
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All prices are per person in Hungarian Forint (HUF), based on two persons sharing a room.

Room choices and upgrades supplements

All our rooms have en suite shower and bathroom, except some linked rooms where two bedrooms share one bathroom. All rooms have a balcony or terrace, mini-fridge, kettle (Vassiliki only) and air-conditioning. Some rooms offer extra space, a stunning sea or mountain view, or the ability to connect two rooms together. For these rooms we’ll charge an upgrade supplement. Supplement prices are per person per week, based on two people sharing a room.

Our Vassiliki Location

Standard Ground Floor Ft0/week
Standard First Floor Ft9500/week
Standard Ground Floor Seafacing Ft14000/week
Standard First Floor Seafacing Ft26500/week
Standard Plus First floor Ft41480/week
Ground Floor Studios & Apartments Ft0/week
First Floor Apartments Ft0/week

Our Syvota location

Standard rooms or bungalows Ft0/week
Upper floor seafacing rooms (main hotel) Ft12500/week
  • Coming by yourself?

    We are proud to have many solo travellers choosing Healthy Options. However, if you’re coming by yourself, there are a few things you should know.

    Our prices are based on two people sharing a room and therefore we have to charge a supplement for solo use of a double room. You can find the supplement price per week in our price table above. Since upgrade supplements are per person, they will be doubled as well.

    Willing to share?

    If you are travelling by yourself and you’re willing to share, we will happily team you up with another guest of the same gender. In this way, you won’t be charged a single room supplement or any double room upgrade supplement that may apply, and you may well meet a new friend for life! Simply mention that you are willing to share when making your booking and we’ll immediately apply the discount. It’s that easy!

  • Transfer from the airport

    From Prevesa (PVK) airport it is a little over one hour to either Syvota or Vassiliki. Transfer costs from the airport to our centres are not included in the price, but we will happily arrange a taxi for you on the following basis.

    We can book a taxi exclusively for you and up to three of your travel partners. The cost will be Ft30000 each way in total. Alternatively, you can choose to share a taxi. In that case, we arrange the taxi but it is up to us to fill the taxi with a maximum of four clients.  The cost of this is Ft13000 per person each way, regardless of how many people are sharing the taxi.

    Deposit and conditions

    For each booking, we’ll need a deposit of Ft45000. The balance of your payment is due no later than nine weeks prior to travel. If you book less than nine weeks before the start of the holiday, we’d need you to pay for the whole amount when you book.

    Please download the full terms and conditions for our holidays.

Ho lef photostrip prices

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